TMT helps YOU pay to online businesses everywhere from Africa to beyond.

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Step 1: Adding Money

Easily add money to your TMT account by Mobile Money Transfer from your country. We send a confirmation sms in minutes to your mobile phone. Send the money online, send from your phone, pay online shops 24x7.

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2: Send Payments

Businesses and people using TMT online show a "buy now" or "Pay by TMT" button or link with products on websites. Click to pay 24x7. OR send money from your phone to anyone with a mobile number or email address.

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3: Withdraw Earnings

Withdraw your earnings anytime by Mobile Money Transfer to your mobile phone or to PayPal. You may also add to your account with PayPal.

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TMT is utilising existing infrastructure like Mobile Money Transfer to jumpstart e-commerce in Africa and beyond. With our service, businesses in Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa, etc., are now able to place "buy now" buttons and links on any web page by the side of goods and services to accept payment.

We handle the payment process, so that it is simple, smooth and automated. Look out for the "Pay by TMT" sign on websites that use us, and you should find it easy to make payments online from now on.

Individuals can join in here. Businesses can find out more here.

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